Sep 12, 2022  Veronica Russo


Abundance-based mindset

You need to operate from an abundance-based mindsetYou need to give things away for free. This is how good content marketing works! If you are afraid to spend money and give away valuable content for free, you are operating from a scarcity-based mindset. And that mindset does not attract business. 

Now, you aren’t giving everything away. You are giving away a little taste. You want your potential client to like what they taste, and ask for more. If they like what they get, they are going to be hooked. They will be more likely to invest in what you’re selling.

This is not traditional marketing. Traditional marketing just says, “Hey, look at me! You’ll love me if you buy me.” That’s just an advertisement and you are hoping that they trust your ad enough to invest in you. Content marketing says, “Hey, why don’t you take this for a test drive? Here’s a piece you can keep for free. If you like it, we’ll sell the rest to you.” 


Remember, we are coming from contribution. We are adding value. We are trying to give our audience something of value that they want.

Published by Veronica Russo September 12, 2022